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THOUGH NOT THE LOWEST PRICED, these 4 FREEHOLD BEACH FRONT parcels measuring 5 ACRES (= 217,800 sf.) or 2.023435 HECTARES (= 20,234.35 m) with approximately 300 feet or 100 meters beach front * are certainly the most fantastic parcels of land available on our listings.
The beach in Cedros, located in the South - Western Peninsula of Trinidad on the Gulf of Paria, consists of lovely gold coloured sand, and is known to be the widest beach in the Country at low tide. Many people do not know this, but this side of Trinidad is very comparable with the popular Lowlands in Tobago, only without the tourists.
At this present time four 5 Acres sea side parcels have been approved, and in total 240 Acres have the outline approval to be subdivided into 5 Acres parcels.
Now is the time to buy as you can still decide where you want your parcel to be in this great development opportunity, because the South of Trinidad is in the process of being "discovered" which means that prices are still reasonable, but will most certainly go up as the demand increases, especially for developed beach front properties which are becoming scarce.

It is also interesting to note that Bonasse Village is an Official Port of Entry and Parcel #1 is bounding on the grounds of the Emigration and Customs Offices as well as the Coast Guard of which you can see the jetty in picture #2.
Parcel #1 has also Town & Country outline approvals for a further subdivision of 15 lots.

As the parcels are officially not yet surveyed and subdivided, you can choose your own spot and size to suit your needs *, and the by you indicated area will be surveyed individually.

Besides the above mentioned option there are also lower priced parcels available, but not directly on the beach. The prices in this case, depending on how far from the beach or road your parcel will be, are negotiable.

*  Maximum Beach front per parcel.
* As per availability.

Parcel # Size in Acres Size in m Price in TT$ Price in US$
1 6 24,280  TT$ -  US$ - SOLD
2 5 20,234  TT$ 2,178,000.  US$ 359,370 Available
3 5 20,234  TT$ 2,178,000.  US$ 359,370 Available
4 5 20,234  TT$ 2,178,000.  US$ 359,370 Available

View Location Map: Click here. (opens in new window)
Directions: On reaching Bonasse Village (a.k.a. Cedros) drive straight down to the Coast Guard and Emigration building or jetty, park your car and walk on the beach until you see the most Western corner fence post of the Coast Guard and Emigration compound. From there walk about 100 metres ( approx. 110 yard) which is roughly where parcel #2 starts (see map of layout of parcels above) and each parcel has approx. 100 metres (110 yard) beach front.
Amenities: Electricity, Water and Telephone are available in the area but have to be laid on.
Topography: Undulating.

The following table shows the distance
from the property to the amenities:

Location Distance in time
Local School(s) 5 & 1 - 2 minutes drive
Local Shop(s) all around
Large Supermarket(s) 30 minutes drive
Banks 30 minutes drive
Medical 5 minutes drive
Places of worship Everywhere
Police Next door
Beach 0 minutes drive

The following table shows the distance
from the property to other locations:

Place name Distance in time
Village / Town Centre 1 minute drive
Main Road 1 minute drive
Icacos 30 minutes drive
Point Fortin 30 minutes drive
San Fernando 75 minutes drive
Chaguanas 95 minutes drive
Port-of-Spain 130 minutes drive
Piarco Airport 130 minutes drive

Asking Price for road side parcel:
TT$ 8. or US$ 1.35.
PER sq.ft.

Asking Price for beach front parcel:
TT$ 10. or US$ 1.65.
PER sq.ft.

BEACH FRONT AFTER development prices:
TT$ 20. or US$ 3.30.
PER sq.ft.


5 ACRES = 217,800 sf.
so 5 acres beach front comes up to
TT$2,178,000. or US$359,370.

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