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Estate Overcinge is an amazing manor with an even more amazing history.
This Monumental early 17th century mansion is located in rural Havelte, the pearl of Drenthe. The estate measuring over five hectares (12.35 Acres) consists of a driveway, gatehouse and courtyard, main building in classical style, attached farmhouse, barns, bakehouse, park garden, meadow, drawbridge and garden house in neo-Renaissance style.

The building has been inhabited for centuries by noble families and is an idyllic place to fulfill all living requirements. In addition, there are many possibilities for exploitation that, whether or not in combination with the residential destination, can be developed into successful business operations. The destination has been widened in preparation for the sale, thus guaranteeing opportunities for further development of the estate.

The estate has an NSW (Natuurschoonwet Act 1928) status. This is a classification of an area of outstanding natural beauty, and offers many tax benefits. The national monument status offers for subsidies and low-interest financing.

Destination en exploitation possibilities:
Estate Overcinge is a national monumental ensemble, located in rural Havelte, the Pearl of Drenthe, with lots of possibilities for future expansion.

The estate is currently being used as an exclusive location for conferences, meetings, weddings and parties. Within the current destination (catering / living) there is already a possibility for an additional building to be constructed. For the purpose of future exploitation, a request has been submitted for an expansion of the planning possibilities for development and also for an expansion of the business destination.

In close consultation with the municipality of Westerveld, a reallocation study was carried out by the Hylkema Heritage Office. This has resulted in various scenarios for future use with a substantial possibility for expansion. On May 14, 2019, the Board of Mayor and lawmakers agreed in principle and under certain conditions to the proposed spatial development as described in the memorandum entitled "Findings of re-use scenarios Estate Overcinge".
Possibilities for future use:
  • Exclusive living, both as a whole and in several units.
  • Residential destination for special target groups (eg healthcare).
  • Luxury recreation apartments.
  • Extensive hotel program, especially in the higher segment.
  • Private clinic or care hotel.
  • Luxury group accommodations.
These can be classified as a regular residential destination, business operation or a combination thereof.

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