As part of our associated services package we also offer Land Surveying Services.
Our Land Surveyor is registered with the Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago (ISTT), and we offer the following professional services:
  • Subdivision of larger parcel(s) of land
  • Survey Boundary Redefinition (reconfirming boundaries)
  • Surveys to show encroachment
  • Survey Plan (a.k.a. Cadastral Sheet) Searches
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Surveys to bring lands under the Real Property Act
  • General Land Consultancy
  • Grass cutting services

There can be many situations for which a Survey Plan (or popularly a.k.a. "Cadastral Sheet"), or even an official land Survey will be required.
For example a subdivision of a larger parcel of land; a suspected encroachment; or if a property comes up for sale, in which case several documents will be required to be submitted to the Attorney of the Purchaser (check our "Tips & Advise for FSBO" page). Most likely one of these documents is the Survey Plan, which is the map/drawing of the parcel of land showing the size(s) and boundaries. The Survey Plan will also be required when applying for the WASA Clearance Certificate.
It is our experience however,
Tips & Advise for FSBO
Tips & Advise for FSBO
that in many cases owners of properties do not have the Survey Plan in their possession, especially if the original subdivision was done many years ago.
This however should not be a problem because if the subdivision was done properly and it was officially registered by the relevant Authorities, there should be copies in the Registrar General or the land & Survey department of Trinidad and Tobago. The only problem is to find those copies.
But don't worry, we can assist you. Once a copy exists in the Registrar General or the Land & Survey Department we will find it, and for a small fee of TT$300. (US$45.) we will get it for you. And most important of all in these trying times, it can all be done risk free Online, inclusive the payment.
In case we are not able to locate the Survey Plan of your property, there will be no charge.


One of the most asked questions is of course: "What does it cost to survey my parcel of land?".
I think however that it almost speaks for itself that the cost totally depends on the amount of work that needs to be done.
For example the larger the parcel of land the more work, thus the higher the cost.
Further it depends if the land is clear and free of clutter and obstructions, or does the Surveyor need to come with a crew to clear the land of bush or debris? Which will also increase the cost of course.
Also, let's not forget the difficulty grade, such as access. Can the Surveyor and his crew reach the property with his vehicle or does he have to track miles by foot through a forested undulating area?
Also the undulation plays a role in the difficulty of the property to be surveyed. Mountainous or swamp areas will be much harder to survey than a nice clear flat parcel of land.
These are some of the factors that play a major role when calculating the cost. Therefore it is important for the Land Surveyor to first determine the exact location and what will be required in order to be able to do the land survey before he can give a price or an estimate.

To request one of the above mentioned Land Survey Services, please click and fill out our Secure Online Land Surveying Request Form, and we will get in touch with you shortly to assist you.

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