Our location is in tranquil South Trinidad where you can still find untouched forested and beautiful peaceful beach areas, away from busy cities.
From November 1994 until January 01, 2014 sipreal.com has served both Trinidad as well as Tobago, and via a Networking system we were able to offer all possible Real Estate Services.
Click here for a Directory and Maps of nearly all the places in Trinidad & Tobago.

From January 2014 we started to phase out the Sales and Rental services, and mainly continued with Real Estate Valuations in the SW peninsula of Trinidad as well as all the other Referral Services.

However, as the sipreal.com website, which is online since 1997 and the first Real Estate Website in the Caribbean region, became very popular over the years, many customers asked us if it was not possible to advertise their properties as For Sale by Owner (FSBO) or For Rent By Owner (FRBO) on our WebSite, which we made possible and added it to our offered services.
For more info on how to advertise your property on our WebSite, you can go to the following Page:
Advertising For Sale/Rent By Owner(s) Properties
Most of our listings are in the South Western part of Trinidad, where we are based, but we also have listings throughout Trinidad and Tobago, other Caribbean islands, and even beyond the Caribbean through our NetWorking Services.

We were a Member of The Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA), RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and the Point Fortin South Western Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and we observed (and still do) a strict code of ethics.
We were also FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) Registered.

Ronny Drappier Retired DipEng, AssocRICS

Ronny Drappier
Caribbean Property Listings
We have properties for sale by owners throughout Trinidad and Tobag.

Besides Advertising For Sale or Rent by Owner Properties,
we also provide:

  • Valuations / Appraisals
  • Architectural House Plans & Designs
  • Structural Drawings & Calculations
  • Construction
  • Land Surveying
  • Renovations


Click here For a Directory and Maps of nearly all the places in Trinidad & Tobago.
Trinidad and Tobago is an independent nation in the Caribbean Sea, outside the hurricane belt, 11 km (7 ml) from Venezuela and is composed of two Islands --
The population of this twin island country, consists of African, East Indian, Middle Eastern, European, South American and Chinese. It's an extraordinary mixture that has been made more complex as the races have intermingled.

Trinidad and Tobago is renowned as the birthplace of the steel band, calypso, limbo and Carnival - the biggest and most famous Caribbean festival that is celebrated 40 days before Easter.
For the Caribbean, the island is highly industrial. Industries include oil, asphalt and the export of manufactured goods such as food and clothing.

Trinidad has a variety of cultural and natural assets, it offers far more than a typical Caribbean beach to the visitor who wants to go off the beaten track. Its sister island Tobago is a great place to unwind. Its water offer divers and snorkelers a variety of dive sites.

Trinidad (4,830 sq. km/1,865 sq. ml)
Tobago (300 sq. km/116 sq. ml) is located 31 km to the Northeast of Trinidad.
Total area: 5,130 sq. km (1,981 sq. ml).
Capital and largest city: Port of Spain (1990 population 50,878).
Total population: 1,300,000.
Official language: English
Climate: The islands are warm all year through, with an air temperature ranging between 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) at the maximum and 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit) at the minimum.
Average Exchange Rate: 1 U.S. Dollar = +/- 6.00 TT Dollars and 1 EURO = +/- 7.43 TT Dollars.


Everyone is allowed to purchase a Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural property in Trinidad and Tobago, no matter what nationality you have or what country you reside, as long as you comply with the following 3 rules:
  1. The payments have to be transferred directly from your bank abroad into a local bank account, in accepted currency such as US$, British Pounds, Euros....etc. No other form of payments will be accepted in order to comply with "THE PROCEEDS OF CRIME ACT, 2000" to prevent money laundering.
  2. In Trinidad foreign nationals are permitted to buy property freely up to 1 acre for residential use, and up to 5 acres for Commercial purposes.
    If the property is over those limits, a special permit from the Ministry of Finance has to be applied for by the foreigner's Attorney-at-Law. It has to be mentioned however that this application process can be very tedious and lengthy, and it might take up to a year or longer before the special permit will be granted (or refused), because the application has to pass many different Government departments. The Government's decision is mostly based on the grounds on which you apply, and its validity.
  3. Before non-nationals and non-residents can acquire a property in Tobago (house and land or land alone) they will have to obtain a licence under the Foreign Investment Act. An order to this effect was signed by the Acting Minister of Finance Conrad Enil on February 14, 2007 and came into operation on February 16, 2007. It is called the Foreign Investment Tobago Lands Acquisition Order 2007.

If you are not a Citizen or Resident of Trinidad and Tobago, and you are planning to stay longer than your Visa permits you, or even decide to reside permanently in T&T, you need to apply for Permanent Residency Status or Citizenship, in which case I recommend to check your relevant Embassy or Consulate in Trinidad and Tobago.


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