FSBO advantages: a challenge to sell your own home!

It is very important for every person who wants to sell a property, to give it a try themselves, before seeking the assistance of a professional like a Real Estate Agent or Broker. However, selling your own property has advantages as well as disadvantages.
Tips and Advise on selling your property
How to sell your
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In the following paragraphs, I will go through both of them.


1. No commission to pay
Of course the main advantages of selling your own property is that you do not have to pay to a Real Estate Agent or Broker a commission, which is usually set at a perventage of the final selling price.

2. Choosing your own marketing strategy
By selling your own property, you can choose and decide on how to do your advertising and promotions. No person can market your property better than yourself - the owner.

3. Showing prospects
Needless to say that the best person to show a property to a prospect is the owner. As most owners have great pride in their property this certainly will be an advantage during the viewing. The owner is also the best person to answer questions a potential buyer might have and to explain certain functions e.g. water pump, light switches etc.

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