Once the page is fully loaded, you can Log-off from the Internet and continue playing.


Play the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe using JavaScript.
Click on the button next to each position to place an X.



Test your skill. How many boxes can you check in 20 seconds?


Meet Mr. Push Me! Let JavaScript introduce you to the increasingly popular Mr. Push Me! Mr. Push doesn't mind the occassional push, but watch out if you over do it!


Love compatibility Here's a neat little script to figure the "love compatibility" between two people. Just enter their names and hit calculate! i am not responsible for any broken relationships resulting from this program . ;-)

+ =



This is a really simple JavaScript game. Just use your paddle to keep the ball from touching the bottom of the playing field

Press start to play. Move the paddle by putting your cursor on the dashes.

\\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \\\


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