A man dies and reached the Pearly Gates.

He starts to tell St. Peter that he has been a good person, married to his first love, always took the household upon himself and helped his wife whenever he could.

All of a sudden he gets a ticklish feeling on his back, and when he looks back he sees two little wings starting to grow.
Encouraged he continues:
"I always did what my wife asked me to do, and went straight home after work, never to bars, and on reaching home I always cooked every day fresh, never deepfreeze or canned foods."
And again he sees his wings grow.

Becoming more and more excited he continues:
"I never looked at other women, always spend all my money on the house and household."
And those wings got bigger and bigger.

So he asks St. Peter: "Am I changing into an Angel now?"
To which St. Peter answers: "No .... a chicken!!!

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