One day, Ramsingh was walking down King Street when he saw his friend Shabba driving a brand new pickup.
Shabba pulled up to him with a wide grin.
"Shabba, where'd you get that truck?"
"Wendy gave it to me", Shabba replied.
"She gave it to yuh? I knew she was kinda sweet on yuh, but a new truck?"
"Well, Rambo, let me tell you what happened. We were driving up Santa Cruz, late last night. Wendy pulled off the road, put the truck in 4-wheel drive and headed into a mountain track. She parked the truck, got out, threw off all her clothes and said ... Shabba, take whatever you want!""

"So I took the truck!"

"Shabba, you are a smart man! Them clothes woulda never fit you!""