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At just minutes drive from San Fernando, but away from all the noise and congestion associated with town areas, this parcel of land is situated in a high demand area.
Besides that, as it is located in Phase 2 of the Belle Vue Gardens Development, which is on the higher side, it also offers a fantastic view over the sea and San Fernando Hill to the North-East.
Belle Vue Gardens is a higher income residential area, and it's ideally located in relation to San Fernando and South-West Trinidad with it's beautiful beaches, such as Vessigny Beach Resort and even further South in Cedros, where you can find several Nature Reserves and the widest and longest stretches of beautiful untouched Beaches of both Trinidad and Tobago.

The above pictures show the lot and general area and in the first picture, you can see the corner markers (by the arrows) indicating the frontage on the road.

As extra feature, this parcel comes with an already Approved Building Plan (valued about TT$25,000.) for a beautiful 3,150 sq.ft. 2 storey, 4 bedroom - 3 bathroom home, absolutely FREE.
The parcel measures 8,395 sf. or 779.9 m plus 1,636 sf. or 152 m of drain reserve which you are free to use as yard, to a total of 10,031 sf. or 931.9 m.

Please note; the plot comes with an approved building plan, not the house in the picture. All the houses you see in the pictures are the neighboring houses.

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Tenure: Freehold.
Topography: Road level and from midway a slight grade towards the concrete drain at the back of the land. As the plot is on the high side of the Development it gives a great view of the Gulf of Paria.
Amenities: Electricity, Water, Telephone and Cable tv.

Directions: Coming from San Fernando (from Point Fortin side, read next paragraph) you drive over the Southern Main Road, to South Oropouche. Pass the Bridge by the Cremation Site, and drive until about midway the long stretch ahead of you. As landmarks you will pass Anands whole Sale warehouse on the left, and a bit further another large Warehouse on the left. At that point the Road goes from a 2 - to a 3 lane, to accommodate a turnoff lane for the oncoming traffic.
At that point you'll see an old Billboard with an advertisement of Kayaking on your right. Just before the billboard you'll see the entrance into Belle Vue Gardens also on your right. Turn right and drive into Belle Vue Gardens. Be careful for the oncoming traffic. The entrance is marked with 2 nature stone posts, one marked Belle Vue Gardens and the other Soogrim Avenue.
*Follow the road into the development, and keep left by the split-up. Drive straight down. First you will go down hill, and then uphill. Drive until you see a white large abstract house on your right and next to that a yellow house with a turquoise colored roof. This is the house you see in picture #5. Please note that now there is also a newly built house on the other side of the yellow house.
When you stop in-between the yellow house and the newly built house you are in front lot #22 which is of course on your left. The road front is clearly marked with a tall metal pipe by a light pole and fire hydrant) on one corner, and a smaller metal pipe coming back towards the direction you came from. The land goes straight down to where it meets the large concrete drain in the back.

Coming from Point Fortin, you pass the Fyzabad junction and drive straight down towards San Fernando. Midway the long stretch you will see an old billboard with "Siparia Real Estate Agency" on it. Immediately after the billboard is the entrance into Belle Vue Gardens on your left. From here you can follow the directions starting by the * above.

The following table shows the distance
from the property to the amenities:

Location Distance in time
Local School(s) 5 - 10 minutes drive
Local Shop(s) 5 - 10 minutes drive
Supermarket(s) 5 - 10 minutes drive
Banks 5 - 10 minutes drive
Medical 5 - 10 minutes drive
Places of worship Everywhere
Police 5 minutes drive
Beach 0 minutes drive

The following table shows the distance
from the property to other locations:

Place name Distance in time
Village / Town Centre 5 minute drive
Main Road 1 minute drive
Siparia 30 minutes drive
Point Fortin 30 minutes drive
San Fernando 6 minutes drive
Chaguanas 30 minutes drive
Port-of-Spain 60 minutes drive
Piarco Airport 75 minutes drive

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