Advertise your Boat on our WebSite and Sell or Let it yourself.

The Internet is todays fastest growing communication media. Creating a Web presence is fast and inexpensive and allows our visitors / customers interesting and useful information to assist them purchasing, selling, renting, letting, building or renovating their boat.
Millions of people are finding that research online is far more effective than using the newspapers or yellow pages.
Internet presence allows people and businesses access to different geographical regions, creating an ideal way to take advantage of the limited growth opportunities without the Internet. Therefore it is an ideal way to enhance your property, communicate with existing prospects whilst building new relations, cost-effectively.
You can give a much more useful and detailed description of your boat accompanied with pictures on the Web, easing the decision making process as well as saving time. An effectively placed Web listing linked to your own WebPage will generate visitors and actually enhance the chances of finding a buyer for your boat considerably.

If you wish to sell or let your boat yourself and forgo paying a Commission to an Agent or Broker (including us), you can advertise it on this WebSite up to a 5 years or until it gets sold, or you want to remove it from the Site, for one single payment of only TT$600. or US$100.
As extra BONUS it will also be listed on the popular Caribbean Property Listings and TT-Bay WebSites FOR FREE.

First of all, don't worry we will handle all the IT and technical stuff.
All you have to do is e-mail me all the information in a write-up about your boat, plus the pictures you would like to put on your WebPage, and we will design and created your WebPage. As soon as I start and have the basic page in place, I will create a link to the unpublished webpage for you, so you can follow the entire process from the comfort of your home, which will give you the opportunity to be actively involved in setting up your webpage.
Upon receiving this link the payment is required, and your webpage will be completed and published within 3 to 5 business days after the payment is received.

Updates, changes or exchanging pictures on your WebPage can be done at any time for a small fee of TT$300. or US$50.

All payments can be made via Bank to Bank Wire Transfer (preferred), Western Union or MoneyGram.

Click the image below to see an existing FSBO Page on this WebSite
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as well as the same boat advertised
as a FSBO on our Caribbean Property Listings WebSite
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To have a look at the FSBO Listing page click HERE

Our Commercial advertising rate for Yacht clubs, Marinas, Hotels, Guesthouses, Bed & Breakfast, Cottages, touristand boat Rentals, or any other Commercial Advertisement (with or without a link to your WebSite) is TT$1,800. or US$300. for an entire Year, and your advertisement will be displayed on this WebSite as well as on the Caribbean Property Listings and TT-Bay Websites.

On your page you can put a detailed description of your property, your address, phone number(s) and e-mail address(es), 10 pictures *, a Link to your WebPage from our "Boats for Sale (or Rent)" page, plus your boat or equipment will also be listed on the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) page.

* When e-mailing pictures, please make sure that the data size is not larger than 100 to 150 KB per picture, and the physical width of the pictures between 400 and 640 pixels, this to avoid lengthy up- and down load times. To make it easy for you to reduce the size of your pictures to suit this website, you can use our OnLine Image Resize Module (just click the link or image to start the Module). This program resizes your picture to a width of 640 pixels and and it automatically calculates the aspect height ratio.

If you are selling as a FSBO and you already have a WebSite, you can also advertise on this Website with a link banner, linking to your own WebSite, for the same rates.
If you do not have a Link banner, we can design and create one for you for a small fee.
Or if you wish, you can also advertise with a simple Text Link to your Website, either way the cost is only TT$600. or US$100. for 5 years.

If you just want to do a quick small ad to advertise your WebSite or services, you can use our free Classified Ads WebSite TT-Bay. However the amount of information on the TT-Bay WebSite is limited of course.

Nowadays everyone can have a WebSite or WebPage, but the trick is for your target group to find your WebSite or Page, and considering that there are twice as many WebPages on the Internet than there are people on this planet, this might not be an easy task.
Therefore one of the best reasons to promote your WebSite or Property on our WebSite is because the tremendous amount of hits it gets on a daily basis. For example in 2011 our WebSite got over 12 million hits, that is over 33,000 hits every day.
Further, when doing a Web Search for "Caribbean Homes Trinidad Tobago" on the popular Google Search Engine, our WebSite ranks most likely in the top 5 of the non-sponsored Links, out of over approx. 3 million websites! See for yourself: Google Search

The best way to communicate with us is by E-mail You can also try to contact us by phone: (1 868) 750-7127 and the best time to call is from Monday to Friday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. (Trinidad Time).

Tips and Advise for FSBO
Tips & Advise for FSBO (Real Estate)

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