In grandma’s days they would not even consider using today's insecticides! But she always knew how to keep bugs out of her home, simply by crushing mint leaves and leave them under the kitchen sink and other spots where bugs entered the kitchen. Sprinkling pepper flacks or borax under the sink was also always effective.

To keep ants out, she would squeeze lemon juice where the ants came in, as ants do not like lemon juice. In case she did not have any lemons, she would pour some olive oil around those areas. To get rid of snails in her garden, she would put a bucket of beer outside, and in the morning you could find it full of all kinds of dead creepy crawlers!

Sometimes grandma’s old-fashioned remedies are far-fetched or weird, but they seemed to work though, and there is only one way to find out. So who knows, give them a try yourself!


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