POliCE: What u doin outside after 11 pm?

BALDEO: Havin a bath officer…

POLICE: What soap u use?


POLICE: Why Protex boi??

BALDEO: Cuz the police suppose to serve and Protex me when I bathing on d road…

POLICE: Well u shoulda use LUX…

BALDEO: Why sir??

POLICE: Cuz is after 11 an we have to lux yuh up now!

BALDEO: Oh gosh officer doh lock me up nah!

POLICE: Why?? U hadda go to jail…..The judge shud give you LIFEBUOY!!!

BALDEO: Oh gosh officer…leggo me nah….lemme DIAL a lawyer!

POLICE: Nah is jail u goin! And when you come out jail u will feel REFRESH!!!


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