Dear Beta,

Jus a few lines to leh yuh know dat ah still alive. Ah writing slow cause ah know yuh cyah read fast. Yuh wont know de house when yuh come home. We move. Ah wont be able to sen yuh de new address as de last Guyanese family dat live here tek de house numbers wid dem so they wont have to change deh address at dey new house.

About yuh fadda.....he gat ah lovely job. He gat now over 1500 men under he. He cuttin grass at de cemetery.

Dere was a washin machine in de new house when we move in, but it aint wokin too good. Last week ah put some shirts in it, pull de chain, and ah aint see de shirts since.

Yuh sister, Parbattie had a baby dis marning. Ah aint find out wedda is a boy or a girl, so ah doh know if yuh is ah aunt or ah uncle.

Yuh know Bharose? Well he drown last week in ah vat at de rum distillery. Some ah he fellow workers dive in to save he, but he fight dem off bravely. He family cremate he body, and it tek three days to put out de fire.

Yuh fadda didnt have much tuh drink fuh Christmas. Ah put ah bottle ah castor oil in he soup.... It keep he goin until New Years. Ah went to de dacta on Tursday and yuh fadda came wit meh . De dacta put a small tube in meh mouth an tell meh tuh nat open for 10 minutes. Yuh fadda offer to buy it from he.

It only rain twice last week. Fus for four days, and then for three days. Monday it was so windy dat de fowl rooster fly roun de house fuh ah half hour and ah hen lay de same egg 3 times.

Ah go write yuh again as soon as ah cud sneak ah next page outta Vindra copy book.

Love - Mammy

PS: Ah was to send yuh ah twenty dalla but ah already seal de envelope.